The Life List

Like the bucket list, but fluid and for the sake of life rather than death. Goals until I make the self-warranted decision of changing my mind. 

TRAVEL (international)
1. Taiwan
2. Hong Kong
3. Vietnam
4. Iran
5. The Bahamas
6. Poland
7. Singapore
8. The Romantic Road in Germany
9. Uppsala, Sweden
10. Buenas Aires, Argentina
11. Budapest, Hungary
12. Belgrade, Serbia
13. Bucharest, Romania
14. Moscow, Russia
15. Guatemala
16. Botswana
17. Tibet

TRAVEL (domestic)
1. Chicago, Illinois
2. Washington D.C.
3. New York: New York City
4. Cross-Country Trip: Through Route 66
5. The Grand Canyon
6. Zion National Park
7. Denali National Park & Northern Lights in Alaska
8. Hawaii
9. My birthplace at The Ohio State University in Columbus

Be fluent in French. (November 2016)
Reach intermediate-level Spanish.
Reach intermediate-level German.
Learn conversational Mandarin.
Learn conversational Swedish.
Learn conversational Portuguese.

Pay off debts of first car.
Own an environmentally-friendly car.
Self-publish an anthology of poems / short stories. (December 2014)
Publish a novel.
Be credited in a theatrical movie.
Have a private art showing. (September 2014)
Get published in a literary magazine; The Kenyon
Found a scholarship fund.
Work in Canada.

Have real white Christmas.
Run a half-marathon.
Live in Vancouver.

Last Edit: December 7, 2015

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