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We painted our facades to fit the seasons – from pink and red to fading orange, to black and blue to gray. I screamed feelings you countered with words, you dropped promises like the stones you walked over. I force-fed … Continue reading

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Photo taken by Karol Franks on Thought I saw you back at Reunion Station between the threads of people and the tracks, the intersection of Nouveau architecture and modern travelers and the wanderers trying to find dreams real enough … Continue reading

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I trudged back here in orange boots and a parasol wondering if I’d still see old men playing cards on Atlantic and Main. The streets we used to play on, they are old and worn, a promise of white sidewalk … Continue reading

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The Sophomore Experience

I aim to keep this blog as personal, professional, and non-commercial as possible, but there comes a time where I need to make an promotional announcement for my own purposes — and hopefully to the enjoyment to all who follow this … Continue reading

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He sticks his tongue out when he adjusts his tie, Brooks Brothers, but Lisa Simpson on Fridays. At his conferences, the students call him Doctor, But he signs a smiley face looped in his M.D. Twenty-three, he drives a Scion, … Continue reading

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